Because you love me. In Heaven right now, the Lord is saying your name, and is pleased that you love Him. Isn't that a wonderful thought? Maybe you don't think you love Him enough, or maybe you would like to love Him more. We can all love Him more than we do.

If you make the Most High your dwelling... A reference to the beginning of the psalm. Look again at the first thought. I feel as though David refers us to the beginning, because he can imagine the doubts that his listeners have felt during the intervening verses.

Can you imagine all the people in your office or neighbourhood going down with the latest flu strain? Can you imagine what a witness it will be if the Christians are the only ones still standing? I heard a story not long ago about a US army officer in the Iraq war. All the time he was serving out there, not one of his men was killed. That's the power of faith in the Lord's protection.

You do not need to fear arrows that fly during the day. Our fears which terrorize us during the night can just seem to be worrying thoughts in the daytime. But again the Lord says we have no reason to fear. They cannot even find you!

He will cover you with his feathers. Does the picture of God as a mother hen disturb you or encourage you? When a hen takes her chicks under her wings, they are completely hidden from sight. Can you imagine yourself hidden in that safe, comfortable, warm place?

A refuge is what we need in the middle of a storm or in the middle of a battle. A fortress is the place where we seek protection, and from which we fight the enemy. Whatever our needs in life, whatever we are running from, or fighting against, the Lord's shelter is the place to run to or to fight from. For He is the security we need in every circumstance.