31 Thoughts from Psalm 91 – Part 8

31 Thoughts from Psalm 91 – Part 8

This is part 8 of a series of thoughts based on Psalm 91.
If you have not yet read Part 1, then please click here.

Thought 22

Psalm 91:12

They will carry you in their hands

As we walk through our daily lives, the angels go with us and are ready at any time to carry us out of danger. Won”t that be a nice picture in the video we thought about in Thought 20? This verse reminds us of verse 4. The angels lift us up in their hands and give us refuge under their wings.

I have a book called “6 Big Big Big Angels”. It is the testimony of a little girl who had just that experience. Angels rescued her as she was falling and they took her to Heaven where she saw amazing things. That experience changed the lives of her whole family.

Pray to have childlike faith and to see things through the eyes of a child.

Praise God for the good books which are written to encourage us. (Why don’t you start reading one today?)

Thought 23

Psalm 91:12

… so that you never hit your foot against a rock.

In Matthew 4 we can read about Jesus in the wilderness when the devil came to tempt Him. Today’s verse is the one that Satan uses in v6. Jesus replies with the words “it is written”, and that is the only way we should reply to him. We need to know what the Word of God says about any given situation. Next time you feel as though you are going to get a cold or a minor illness, can you say “it is written”? At the first shiver or sneeze, that is the time to say “The Lord is my refuge and no harm will befall me”.

Pray for the Biblical reaction to difficult situations.

Pray for the confidence to use God’s word to protect yourself and those you love.

Praise Him that He will not let us be tested more than we can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Thought 24

Psalm 91:13

You will step on lions and cobras. You will trample young lions and snakes.

Long before David became king, he worked as a shepherd. This verse is a picture from that time when wild animals tried to steel his flock. That is where He learned that the Lord is the Good Shepherd. As he took care of the sheep in his care, he understood the way he was protected by the Lord. Does the Lord teach you through your everyday activities? You are probably not fighting a literal lion today, but you do have an enemy who is trying to destroy you (John 10:10). If you fight out of the Lord’s refuge, there is no doubt that you will win.

Praise the Lord that He overcame Satan on the cross.

Praise Him that He is teaching you through your everyday activities.

Pray that you will see the lessons of the Lord in what you are doing today.

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