31 Thoughts from Psalm 91 – Part 9

This is part 9 of a series of thoughts based on Psalm 91.
If you have not yet read Part 1, then please click here.

Thought 25

Psalm 91:14

Because you love me,

In Heaven right now, the Lord is saying your name, and is pleased that you love Him. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? Maybe you don’t think you love Him enough, or maybe you would like to love Him more. We can all love Him more than we do, so don’t be hard on yourself. In our earthy relationships we love someone more as we get to know them better, as we learn that they are reliable, and will do what they say. When someone keeps our secrets, and is faithful in spite of our failings, then we begin to allow ourselves to love them.

Praise God that He sees that in our hearts we want to love Him more.

Praise Him for His perfect love that is forever faithful.

Pray for a growth in your love for Jesus today.

Thought 26

Psalm 91:14

I will rescue you. I will protect you because you know my name.

This promise is for you today. It is the result of loving Jesus, and knowing that His name is the highest authority. Even those who love the Lord and follow Him closely still need rescuing from time to time. David had some difficult moments, and some times he felt the Lord was far away, but God rescued him without fail every time. When we experience difficulties, that’s when we really discover whether or not we trust the Lord completely. How quickly do you acknowledge His name in a difficult situation? Is He your first call or your last one?

Pray to have the reaction to call on Him at the first sign of a problem.

Pray for any you know who need “rescuing” today.

Praise God for this promise, and Praise Him for the many names He has.

Thought 27

Psalm 91:15

When you call to me, I will answer you.

In the previous thought we closed with praise for the many names of God. Which name do you need today? Jehovah Jireh, the provider; Jehovah Rapha, the healer; El Shaddai, the all powerful one; Jehovah Shalom, the God who gives peace; Jehovah Shammah, the God who is there. Whatever you need today, you can call on that part of God’s character and He will respond. He is the only one who has the solution to every problem, and who has the power to move in every situation.

Praise Him again for His many names, one for whatever you need.

Pray for a widening of your understanding of who God is and how much He wants to do for you.

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