This post is the first in a series about “Gideon” from the book of Judges.

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Before beginning this short study it is recommended that you read the whole Gideon story as it appears in chapters 6-8 of the book of Judges, the seventh book in the Old Testament.

Does this young fearful man who was hiding when he met the Lord face to face, have anything to say to us today? Gideon was used by God to overcome a massive enemy, and he rose to the highest position of being a judge over Israel! But sadly Gideon fell into sin and out of favour with God later on in life.

A sad end to a good story!

Judges 6:1

The people of Israel did what the Lord considered evil.

The Thought

This is the constant refrain of the Old Testament, and appears seven times in the book of Judges. How frustrated God must get with His people (all of us).

Sometimes the Old Testament Prophets expressed God’s frustration as they themselves got irritated with a disobedient people. In 2 Chronicles 24:19 we read “The Lord sent them prophets to bring them back to himself. The prophets warned them, but they wouldn’t listen.”

In the following verses we read of Zechariah reprimanding the people. But he was stoned to death for his criticism!

Isaiah 65:2-7 tells us of God’s criticism of His obstinate people who didn’t listen to Him.

How patient the Lord is with us. But how sad that He has to watch the same scenario being repeated over and over again. What a blessing for us that Jesus took away our sins! And once they are confessed He forgets them (Hebrews 8:12). Can we imagine and really understand that when we go to Him and say “Sorry Lord, I’ve done it again”, He will reply “What is that? I have no record of this sin!”?

He wants to erase from our lives the result of sin. As we see the repetition and cry out to Him, He will change our situation. He will give us the power to overcome the enemy as He did for Gideon.


Ask the Lord to help you understand His reprimands, and to act accordingly.

Pray about repeated sins that you find in your life. Expect the Lord to help you overcome them, or to deliver you from them.

Praise Him for His patience with you, and that through Him you can be delivered of all enemy activity in your life.

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