31 Thoughts from Psalm 91 – Part 3

This is part 3 of a series of thoughts based on Psalm 91.

If you have not yet read Part 1, then please click here.

Thought 7

Psalm 91:4

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.

Does the picture of God as a mother hen disturb you or encourage you? When a hen takes her chicks under her wings, they are completely hidden from sight. Can you imagine yourself hidden in that safe, comfortable, warm place?

Maybe you imagine that the feathers and wings in this verse are not those of a mother hen, but those of the angels. Angels are very real and are instructed by God to protect His children (v11). Just as a frightened chick runs to its mother for refuge, so we must run to our God who is more than capable of hiding us from the enemy.

Praise God that His wings are the biggest, safest protection available. Thank Him for the angels He has sent to protect you.

Pray for the instinct to run to Him when you are worried or afraid. Give Him your worries and fears today.

Thought 8

Psalm 91:4

His faithfulness is your shield and rampart.

From the image of the feathers and wings our versatile Lord takes us back to a battle image. This definition of faithfulness outdoes any earthly definition. No-one and nothing is as faithful as our God. He is the only one who will remain faithful when everyone else lets us down. Too often we judge God by the way we have been treated by other Christians, and faithful as many of them are, they are still human and can disappoint, but God is stronger than any metal shield, or any stone rampart.

Praise Him for His faithfulness.

Praise Him for this psalm with so many different images to help us see the meaning of who He is.

Pray for a new revelation today of His faithfulness to you.

Pray for the protection of those close to you.

Thought 9

Psalm 91:5

You do not need to fear terrors of the night,

Anyone who has ever had a sleepless night trying to resolve an impossible situation will appreciate this verse. Things that worry us during the day become major catastrophes in our minds during the hours of darkness. People who have been involved in the occult often testify to “strange happenings” during the night hours. But this verse is very clear, speaking to those who put their trust in the Lord, it says they will not fear! End of discussion! Can you choose to trust Him today?

Pray for His peace which is greater than our understanding to be evident in your life today. Choose to lay all your fears at the foot of the cross.

Praise Jesus for His death and resurrection, that opened the way for us to give all our concerns into the Father’s hands.

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