31 Thoughts from Psalm 91 – Part 6

This is part 6 of a series of thoughts based on Psalm 91.
If you have not yet read Part 1, then please click here.

Thought 16

Psalm 91:9

If you make the Most High your dwelling…

A reference to the beginning of the psalm. Look again at the first thought. I feel as though David refers us to the beginning, because he can imagine the doubts that his listeners have felt during the intervening verses. As we are learning to live in the fulness of the Christian life, we all have doubts and questions, and I believe the Lord put so much repetition in the Bible so that we would read the same message over and over again, until we are finally convinced.

Praise God that what we read, each day in His Word, is relevant to our daily lives.

Praise Him for His patience with our doubts and fears.

Pray for your doubts to be left at the foot of the cross.

Pray for His will to be done on earth as in Heaven where there is no sickness.

Thought 17

Psalm 91:9

… even the LORD, who is my refuge.

David’s followers must have watched their leader so closely, they had seen his honesty, his faithfulness, his success, as well as sometime his failures. They knew he was protected by God, and here he gives them his secret. They had to take their refuge in the Lord. What does it mean to live in the Lord? How can one do that? I believe it means being saturated with His Word, so that in any given situation we know what He is saying. If we live in His shadow, we can hear His voice giving us direction and advice.

Pray that you will hear His voice today. Pray for His help in learning parts of His Word.

Praise God that His house is big enough for all who need a place of refuge.

Thought 18

Psalm 91:10

No harm will come to you.

What is the worst harm you fear? Can you understand today that whatever it is, the Lord will protect you from it, as long as you make Him your refuge. Did you hear that little word “if” in the previous verse? So often the promises of God have a condition attached. That is not because He wants to make life difficult for us, but because He wants a Holy people, a Holy nation who will witness to the world the joys and security of living in Him. A Holy people who will proclaim His word over their lives.

Pray that you will draw closer to Him today.

Praise Him for His plans since the beginning of time to have a Holy people set aside for Himself to be a witness to others.

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