The short letter from Jude has been a reminder of all that God is, who Jesus was, and what this Sovereign being expects from His earthly followers. Read the entire letter today (it is only 25 verses long). Remind yourself again that this is a message for you.

Many of us have had bad experiences of trying to help others into the Kingdom. They have taken our time, our efforts and often our money, but never taken to heart what we were saying about Jesus. The enemy loves to trick us into thinking that we should help everybody.

This verse, suggests many will still be undecided about Jesus up to the moment of death. (Most of us know that to be true.) But that is OK. It is obviously better to get to know Jesus early on in life, but last minute is better than missing Heaven completely.

We each can have that close personal relationship with Jesus that each disciple had. Sometimes when we read of His conversations with His disciples, we can feel the challenges they are sensing. Jesus brought to them a totally different way of thinking. He does the same for us today.

We must have leaders led by the Holy Spirit in our churches, be they small or mega churches. If the leaders are not hearing from Holy Spirit and teaching what is clear in The Bible, then someone must speak out, not to create division, but to seek the truth together.

Yesterday we talked about the effect satan is having on society. Peter says the same thing in a different way. Jude and Peter were both very close to Jesus, and their messages are similar. This verse from Peter, gives advice on how to keep the enemy out of our lives.

In one of my Bibles, these verses are titled A Call to Persevere. That in itself is a good message. We all need to be amongst those who persevere. Nowhere in the Bible does anyone indicate that Christianity is a smooth ride to Heaven. Rather, it is a constant battle.