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Jude – Day 29

Jude 23

Save others by snatching them from the fire; to others show mercy, mixed with fear – hating even the clothing stained by corrupted flesh.

The Thought

Jude encourages us to be wise in our dealings with people in our church groups.

Most of us would consider helping others and spending time with them the right things to do, but it seems that we should mix our enthusiasm with fear! Or at least with caution!

The last phrase of this verse helps us to understand why we mustn’t get too close to people we are not sure of. It is too easy to become contaminated by others, so we should treat them as though they wear contaminated clothing!

It is a warning to not get too close unless you are sure.

Many of us have had bad experiences of trying to help others into the Kingdom. They have taken our time, our efforts and often our money, but never taken to heart what we were saying about Jesus. They never intended to.

The motivation we had to tell them everything, live our lives as an open book falls flat if the other person does not have an open heart to hear the Spirit talking through us. The enemy loves to trick us into thinking that we should help everybody, feed the homeless, take in the orphans, and teach sinners the ways of The Lord.

And we should! But we must be led by Holy Spirit in all that we do. We must ask for confirmation about what we need do when faced with difficult circumstances.


Pray today for a closer walk with Holy Spirit so that you are led by Him more often. Ask Him if there is anyone in your church group that really does need help today.

Ask for forgiveness for when you have failed in that area in the past. Forgive yourself, knowing that you are forgiven.

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