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Jude – Day 28

Jude 23

Save others by snatching them from the fire.

The Thought

It seems to me that Jude is giving advice here to others who are responsible for groups of believers or people interested in the faith. He obviously has in his charge a mixed group. Yesterday we thought about those who are not convinced, those who doubt today we are thinking about those whose life style has destined them for hell.

The fire of Hell is real.

Sadly satan has managed to persuade many that heaven and hell are fictitious places, and that when we die, we just cease to exist. Many people believe in Heaven, but think Hell is not real.

Jesus was very clear about the existence of Hell (Matthew 5:22,29-30). Later He told the disciples during their preparation for their first mission trip to be afraid of the One who can destroy body and soul in Hell” (Matthew 10:28).

Our verse today, suggests that many will still be undecided about Jesus even up to the moment of death. (Most of us know that to be true.) But that is OK. It’s obviously better to get to know Jesus early on in life, but last minute is better than missing Heaven completely.


Think today about some of the people you are convinced are on their way to Hell. Many of our politicians are very much under the influence of the enemy, they are not honest, and think that because of their position, name or financial situation, they are OK. Pray for them today.

Each of us has neighbours and colleagues who have not understood who Jesus is. Be ready to share your faith with them.

In every town there is a hospital where people are getting to the end of life, whether through accidents, illness or age, pray for a revelation of Jesus for each one of them.

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