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Jude – Day 24

Jude 18-19

In the last times, there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires. These are the people who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit.

The Thought

The scoffers described above are credited with causing division in the church! Whether we have names for them or not, they have been very successful throughout the centuries since Jesus left us His message of love!

The evidence is obvious today. A quick internet search has just shown me that there are between thirty thousand and forty one thousand different Christian denominations in the world! I had no idea there would be so many.

Many of them have similar characteristics and values, and have grown out of a genuine desire to do God’s will. But sadly, many have been formed because of disagreement about translation or understanding of certain parts of the Bible, or because of theology or tradition. And as Jude says in our verse above, many are formed because people follow their natural instincts, and do not have The Spirit.

We must have Holy Spirit led leaders in our church groups, whether they are small house groups, or mega churches. If the leaders are not hearing from Holy Spirit and teaching what is clear in The Bible, then it’s time for someone to speak out, not to create division, but to seek the truth together.

The Bible is God’s Word and He never changes what He thinks or what He says.


Pray today for the leaders in your church community. Pray for unity between them and for clarity in the way they lead the church in their care. May they be true shepherds of their flock following the ways of The Good Shepherd.

Pray for the other churches in your area, for a breakdown of theological divisions and a unity in The Spirit that only the Lord can bring.

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