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Jude – Day 26

Jude 21

Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.

The Thought

We continue with the second part of yesterday’s message which told us to “build ourselves up in faith”. In fact it said “most holy faith” and that expression challenges me as I write. Something that is “holy” is set apart. In the case of Christians it means “set apart” for Jesus.

Keeping ourselves in God’s love is obviously our responsibility. Yes God’s love is infinite, permanent and everlasting, but that doesn’t always mean He likes or approves of what we do, what we say, or how we live our lives. As we live as “set apart” people, then others will know by our reactions and attitudes, that we are followers of Jesus.

We continue to do that by always being gentle, not given to anger or flaring into a temper when things go wrong. We can demonstrate our faith by not being argumentative, and by going “the extra mile”.

The most important thing we can do is live by what we read in God’s Word, by taking daily readings to heart and using them during the day. In order to live by God’s Word we have to have it in our memories, we must know what it says. Of course we cannot know ALL of it, unless we are full time theology students, and even then there are some things that get forgotten or don’t seem important at the time we read them.

One of the most important thing to know about The Bible is that it is the LIVING word, meaning that it is relevant today. We can read a few verses one day and they’ll speak to us, later in the week we can read them again and they may say something completely different. That’s the work of Holy Spirit widening our experience and knowledge.


Open your Bible at random today and see what God might be saying to you.

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