In Old Testament times people went to the priest for healing, not the doctor as we do today. The Old Testament book of Leviticus is full of advice for the priests about how to pray for different diseases, and the actions to be taken by the one who is suffering.

The New Testament authors often refer back to the Old Testament, and nothing Biblical written around or after the time of Christ nullifies what was written before. Jesus often challenged His listeners to remember what Moses said. He was chosen by God to lead His people out of slavery.

In a very short time, the disciples had gone from being followers who seemed to understand very little, to apostles who fulfilled their mandate and represented Jesus on the earth. They are our example! This verse tells us that the Grace of God was working through each one of them.

What is the Spirit of Grace and Supplication to be poured out on the people of Jerusalem that Zechariah hears about? The verses following are a prophecy about Jesus, The One they have pierced. So we can suppose that Jesus is the personification of that Spirit of Grace and supplication.