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Grace – Day 6

Acts 4:33

With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s Grace was so powerfully at work in them all.

The Thought

Yesterday we read John 14 where Jesus was in conversation with His disciples, and we could feel His sadness, disappointment and frustration when they didn’t understand. Today the verse shows a little of the transformation that had taken place in them.

In a very short time, the disciples had gone from being followers who seemed to understand very little, to apostles who fulfilled their mandate and represented Jesus on the earth. God’s Grace was the agent for change.

The disciples are our example! This verse tells us that God’s Grace was working through each one. His Grace will work through you and me too.

Most of the difference in the disciples was birthed through their time in the “Upper Room” when each one had met Holy Spirit head on! After Jesus’s ascension they had followed His instructions and gone to wait in one place in Jerusalem until they received “the gift the Father had promised”. They waited for 10 days!! Then Holy Spirit hit them hard and they were all changed.

God’s Grace, mentioned in our verse for today was with them during that waiting time. He was preparing them for change. His Grace helped them pray and reminisce about all that Jesus had told them and all that He had done. Then His Grace came in the form of Holy Spirit who turned the timid hidden group into world evangelists!


As you go through your day today ask God for Grace to help you remember His word to you. What is He giving you Grace for today?

Pray that Holy Spirit will change you so that you become more the child of God that He wants you to be, demonstrating the love of the Father throughout the day.

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