Truth 12

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Truth – Day 12

Amos 5:10

There are those who hate the one who upholds justice in court and detest the one who tells the truth.

The Thought

This verse is a good follow on from the verse yesterday where the Pharisees criticised, dismissed, even hated, the healed man who told the truth.

Amos was an Old Testament prophet who had harsh things to say about the situation of God’s people and how they had fallen far away from His standards of behaviour.

Can you imagine a preacher in church today telling us that God is saying I despise your religious festivals (v21)? Or Away with the noise of your songs (v23)? Maybe we need some bolder pastors and preachers!

The fact is that we cannot just be Christians for Sundays. Being a follower of Jesus means living life as He did. It means speaking His truth, and knowing that Father God hears every word we say, (even before we have said it!!)

In Psalm 139:4 we read before a word is on my tongue, You Lord, know it completely. What an encouragement that is for all of us to make an effort to think before we speak.

Later on in Amos 5 we read more of God’s criticism of His people, telling them that the times are evil (v13). (That sounds like it could be a word for today!!)


As you go through your day today pay attention to how many times you speak without thinking about what you will say. Many family breakdowns could have been avoided if only people had thought twice before speaking judgement on others. Other relationships too.

Read Amos 5 and feel the disappointment and anger of God as He hears His people’s conversations.

Pray for anyone who you suspect is not a truth teller, and who consequently tries to hide from the truth of who they really are, and who Jesus is.

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