Truth 11

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Truth – Day 11

John 9:24

A second time they summoned the man who had been blind. “Give glory to God by telling the truth,” they said. “We know this man is a sinner.”

The Thought

This verse standing alone makes me smile. What the Pharisees are meaning here, is that your truth must agree with our truth if it doesn’t it can’t be the truth! They were 100% convinced that Jesus was “a sinner”, and anyone who didn’t agree was not speaking the truth. Many people are like that today.

We all have our own ideas about truth, and what it is in different situations, whether we are thinking of Christian truth, political truths, historical truths or scientific truths. In this verse the religious leaders were arguing about religious truths. How many church splits have there been through the centuries because one group didn’t see the same “truth” as another? Far too many!

In the first verse of this chapter, the disciples showed that they had a misunderstanding of truth. They assumed that the blind man that Jesus was about to heal was blind because of sin. Jesus assured them that that was not true. He then did a part of the miracle!! Isn’t that interesting? Jesus began the healing by putting mud on the eyes of this beggar. But it was up to him to go and wash in a specific pool. It was his obedience that brought the full healing.


How many more healings would there be in our churches and families today if we all just obeyed the words of Jesus?

Read John 9 today. Take note of all the small details in the story of this healing, those who believed, and those who didn’t, those who told the truth, and those who didn’t.

Pray for your eyes to be opened to The Truth and what He wants to say to you today.

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