Children of God 8

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Children of God – Day 8

Matthew 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.

The Thought

Those who make peace are not necessarily sons of God, but will be called “sons of God”. There is a difference. The world has known many peacemakers who have been great politicians, or diplomats. Even some religious leaders. But many of them have not known Father God, and have not really qualified as His children. But they have reacted to situations according to their upbringing, or their own conscience.

Ask yourself today if you are a peacemaker in the Godly sense.

There can be a peace brought by man, through intervention, helping, giving, or supporting. But there is a peace that only God can bring.

This verse for today is taken from the sermon on the mount where Jesus gave a list of people who are blessed, because of what they do. The suggestion of these verses is that each of the qualities mentioned represents one of the characteristics of God Himself and consequently of His children. But having those characteristics does not make anyone a child of God. The only way to become a child of God is to believe in Jesus. And to allow yourself to be adopted by His Heavenly Father, and yours.


Read Matthew 5:1-12, sometimes known as the “Beatitudes”. Think about how many of those gifts you demonstrate in your daily life. They are qualifying you to be blessed, to be comforted, to see God, or to be seen as one of His children.

Read on to the end of that chapter and be encouraged about who you are called to be as you follow Christ.

Pray that you can bring God’s peace into the personal world around you, your office, your family, your neighbourhood. Pray for your church and your home to have an atmosphere of peace.

Praise God for His peace, which is not just the absence of strife, but a deep long-lasting way of living.

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