Work/Works 27

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Work/Works – Day 27

Romans 16:12

Greet Tryphena and Tryphosa, those women who work hard in the Lord.

The Thought

I am fairly sure that if I had asked you before you read this page, where in the Bible you would find Tryphena and Tryphosa, you would say that you had no idea. And you probably don’t know either, what they did and why their names were included here. The fact is that Paul is signing off his letter to the church in Rome and is trying not to miss anybody out in his greetings. The whole chapter is greeting different people who work in the church in Rome.

Commentaries tell us that these two ladies were probably sisters, or at least related, because their names are similar and they are included in the same greeting. Their names have similar meanings:- luxurious or delicate.

There are other women in the Bible deserving of mention because they work hard in the Lord. I can imagine the same sort of greeting being sent to Mary and Martha in the gospels or Ruth and Naomi in the Old Testament.

We do not know the actual work that the women in today’s verse did. But we can imagine that, like Mary and Martha they busied themselves with household tasks and food. Maybe also they cared for the poor or the sick.


Think today about your christian group, whether a big church, small house group or class. Would you single out any of the women because of their “service to The Lord”. That can be anything from making coffee to teaching, preaching, baby minding, praying, transport for those without other means of joining the meetings.

Pray for those who do the “less important” things for your group. Remember that The Lord sees everything and knows the heart of each one.

Remind yourself that God sees everything you do too. Be blessed in that. Especially if you sometimes feel taken for granted.

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