Work/Works 26

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Work/Works – Day 26

Proverbs 22:29

Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.

The Thought

Another verse from Proverbs concerning work. This one is speaking of a person who is exceptionally good at what they do. The encouragement here is to work hard and develop high level skills, and sooner or later you will be recognised and honoured for that. The result will be promotion.

“Aim to be the best.” is the phrase that comes to mind. How many parents have said that to their children, while at the same time trying not to encourage competition?

But the truth is that many people who never thought of working for kings, queens or government leaders have done so, just because they have worked hard and become extremely competent at what they do.

Most of us have met people who are incompetent at their job, and we have become irritated, sometimes feeling that we could do better ourselves. We should, instead, remember to pray for them.

Being in the “wrong” job is depressing and can have disastrous effects, on a person’s health, both physically and mentally. It also can have a knock-on effect on those around us! Living with someone who is not happy with what they do most days can be very difficult.


If you are one who is blessed with the daily activities whether you work for someone else or are at home being a parent, retired, looking after ageing relatives, or just not needing to work, because you are provided for in other ways, then give thanks to God today for that.

Pray today for anyone you know who is not happy in their work whatever the reason. Ask Jesus for His intervention and help in those situations.

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