Spiritual Warfare – Part 4

Spiritual Warfare – Part 4

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According to the Oxford dictionary, “warfare” is “being engaged in a battle”, and “spiritual” is “proceeding from God”. We can therefore see that “Spiritual Warfare” is “being engaged in God’s battle”.

It is important that we, as Christians, engage in God’s battles, that is: the ones He invites us to join, and not those we think are a good idea. Every battle we get involved in with the Lord at our side is a learning process and designed to mature us and equip us for further battles along our Christian walk. Fighting battles He doesn’t ask us to can result in injuries for ourselves and for others.

Do you think Spiritual Warfare is something new God is trying to teach His church in this day?

  • Read Matthew 21:21
  • Read John 14:12-14

How do you feel about these two passages? Write down your comments, or discuss them with your group.

Are we doing GREATER things than Jesus did?

Can you imagine anything greater than He did?

Do you live as though Jesus is with you always? Matthew 28:20

If we are sure that Jesus has won the victory over Satan what is it that scares us about Spiritual Warfare?

What are the weapons of our warfare?

We will look at the protection the Lord gives us later on, but first let’s identify who the enemy is and then look for the spiritual weapons in some Old Testament battles.

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