Spiritual Warfare – Part 5

Spiritual Warfare – Part 5

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The story of Gideon….. Read Judges chapters 6 & 7

  • v6&7 God came to the Israelites’ aid only after they had called to Him for help.

When do you call to the Lord for help?

Do you expect Him to respond?

  • v15 God chose someone weak and insignificant.

Do you plead weakness and insignificance if God asks you to do something?

Can you think of other insignificant people the Lord has used?

  • v17 Gideon asked for confirmation that he was not being fooled.

Does asking for confirmation seem like a good idea or does it make you a doubting Thomas?

Read 1 John 4:1

  • v25 Having proved Himself to Gideon God then asked him to do a relatively small task.

What “small” tasks have you done for God that could be preparing you for bigger ones?

  • v26 Before Gideon could work for The Lord he had to get rid of his family’s false gods and replace them with The Lord.

What did his father’s idol have to do with Gideon?

Could the Lord be asking you to destroy any idols in your family?

Read Exodus 20:5

  • v34 Gideon only took on the “big task” under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Are you listening to the Holy Spirit?

Are you ready for the “big task”?

  • v36-40 God is very patient with Gideon’s doubts and fears.

Are there any doubts and fears you need to hand over to The Lord?

  • Ch 7v2 God made sure that He would get the glory.

Are you aware of any time when God has won a victory for you?

Did He get the glory He deserved?

  • v3 There is no room in the Lord’s army for fearful warriors.

Are you in a situation that makes you afraid?

Are you ready to admit it?

Remember that those who went home missed being a part of the amazing victory.

  • v6&7 God hand picked His army!

Do you feel as though God has hand picked you for some specific task?

(Maybe you cannot share this except to ask for prayer)

  • v10-14 God gave encouragement all along the way.

What encouragement have you received from the Lord recently?

  • v15 Gideon’s reaction to God’s encouragement was worship.

Are you continuing to praise The Lord at all times?

  • v20 The battle was won with a shout and no fighting!!

Can you think of anything that you expected to be difficult and with the Lord it became easy?

The story of Gideon doesn’t end there. In chapter 8 we read of his requests and threats of other tribes, his victory, his call for others to submit to the Lord, and his final fall because he built an idol!

Why had he not learned the lesson?

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