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Creation – Day 8

Genesis 1:11

Then God said “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it according to their various kinds.

The Thought

One of the most important things to learn as we read through these verses in Genesis 1 is that God SPOKE and things happened. (We looked at this briefly on Day 3). His word was powerful, and it still is. His Son’s word is too. How often did Jesus just speak healing to someone? (as in Matthew 8:8-13) or say “stretch out your hand”? (Luke 6:10) or “stand up and walk”? (Luke 5:23) and without hesitation those to whom He was speaking received their healing?

We could do a whole month’s study on the spoken word. But for now let’s look at just a few verses:- In Mark 11:12, & 20-23 we read of Jesus teaching his disciples the power of words. First He spoke to the fig tree, then He encouraged His disciples that they could do the same, and even move mountains. The deciding factor was in the middle of verse 23 where we read the words “does not doubt in their heart”.

Doubt is an enemy of God, and can stop the answers to our prayers, and thwart the work of Jesus in our lives and consequently in the lives of those around us. The short letter of James has something to say about doubt. He likens the doubters to the waves of the sea coming and going. (James 1:6)


Read some of the verses referred to in context and be challenged again about your words today. What are you saying about those you live with? Work with?

Ask Jesus to help you purify your speech and help you speak positive things about those around you.

Pray for those you know who often curse others, maybe even without realising what they are doing.

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