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Creation – Day 9

Genesis 1:12-13

The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that is was good.
And there was evening and there was morning – the third day.

The Thought

The result of God’s spoken words (see Day 3 and Day 8) caused life to begin. The beginning of all the plants that we know today anywhere in the world, was contained in the land which God produced on the second day in His week of creation.

Google tells us that there are just less than 400,000 species of plants existing in the world today. Not a small number!!

I have often heard people ask “Which came first, the seed or the plant bearing the seed?” The answer to that is right here in the first chapter of the Bible. Sadly, because our finite minds cannot comprehend the creation story, many people dismiss it as myth or folklore.

It is not simply here in Genesis that we read of God’s creative power. There was the multiplication of the bread and fishes when Jesus fed five thousand; a story told in all four gospels, and many of the miracles done by Jesus involved the creation of muscles or bones.

In Jonah 4 after his adventure with the whale and then his trip to Ninevah to announce destruction if they didn’t change their ways, Jonah went into a sulk! It was very hot weather, so God out of love for Jonah provided a tall leafy plant for his protection! (Jonah 4:6)


Think today of the variety of plants that you have seen in your limited experience, and give God the glory for His amazing creation.

As you go about your regular activities today keep a look out for different plants. Become aware of all the different types of grass, trees, flowers that exist around you.

Praise God that you have eyes to see, and pray for those who don’t.

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