Christmas – Day 8

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Christmas – Day 8

Matthew 1:18

The birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way. His mother Mary had been promised to Joseph in marriage. But before they were married, Mary realized that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

The Thought

Immediately after the genealogy, Matthew explains Jesus’ birth. There is no record of the angel Gabriel visiting Mary as there is in Luke’s gospel. Why do you suppose Matthew left out such an important event?

Were angelic visitations regular events? Or did he think his readers would not accept the idea of visiting angels? Do you?

Can you imagine a non believer, or a person who has had no religious education reading about the angel and just moving on without question?

The only indication in Matthew’s first chapter, other than this verse, that this is a virgin birth is at the end of the genealogy where in verse 16, after reading so many times “was the father of…..” we read “Joseph was the husband of Mary.”

The Bible is clear that Joseph was NOT the father of Jesus, but that He was a child of the Holy Spirit and Father God.


Do you know people who would argue that fact? Are you ready to give them the truth? Dare you ask the Lord to help you convince others of Biblical truths?

Pray that Father God will help you understand things that you read in the Bible that are not clear to you. Pray that those things will not become a stumbling block, but that you can accept that God can and does do much which does not fit into our limited human understanding.

2 Thoughts on “Christmas – Day 8

  1. What an encouragement! “God can and does do much which does not fit into our limited human understanding.” I do not see it as a coincidence that this devotional speaks today of visiting angels and asks the reader whether he or she can accept such an idea. I’ve been reading through “The Lion’s leading towards holiness” and the story I read this evening was about the visiting angel that left Malgwyn money on his bedside table (twice!). Haha! So cool. 🙂
    In a couple of days, the Jewish holiday Hanukkah will begin and it also tells of a miraculous event which our human minds cannot comprehend, namely of how only a small amount of oil burned for 8 days straight, so the temple could be cleansed and the priests could minister to God again. This season is one of miracles, divine visitations and answered prayer in ways we most likely do not expect. So, be on the lookout and expect great things this season!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Andrea,
      God is always ready to surprise us, and I often wonder how many of His surprises we miss because we are so focussed on our daily lives.
      Let’s try “looking up” instead of “looking down” as much as we do.
      Much of what I write is speaking to myself!

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