Christmas – Day 9

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Christmas – Day 9

Matthew 1:19

Her husband Joseph was an honorable man and did not want to disgrace her publicly. So he decided to break the marriage agreement with her secretly.

The Thought

Maybe you know someone who has been pregnant outside marriage, or maybe that happened to you or someone close to you. If so, maybe you can imagine Joseph’s reaction to the discovery that Mary was pregnant.

Was he angry? Disappointed? Hurt? Unbelieving?

Probably all of those!

How do you suppose Joseph discovered the news of this future baby? Did Mary tell him that an angel had visited her? Did she tell him immediately? Maybe she waited until the baby grew and he noticed, because she didn’t dare tell him herself. Can you imagine her telling her parents her news? Would Mary have told others immediately about the angelic visitation or would she have keep it to herself until she was sure?

I have so many unanswered questions about this event, but however it was done, God’s purposes were fulfilled.

Because of Joseph’s good nature, and his love for Mary, he was thinking about what he could do to avoid a tragedy.

Remember that in those times, the punishment for adultery was stoning to death (Exodus 20:14 & John 8:3)! That was the last thing Joseph wanted for his chosen bride!


Maybe you have been in the situation of a surprising pregnancy, and can understand a little of what this situation was.

What is your reaction to difficult situations? Do you react in haste or think things over for a while? Do you pray about everything?

Pray today for the Lord’s solution to any difficulties you or your loved ones may be facing. These times of the covid pandemic and many other world wide problems are not easy and only God has the answers.

Pray for His answers to your situation, whatever you may be facing today.

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