Christmas – Day 26

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Christmas – Day 26

Matthew 2:12

God warned them in a dream not to go back to Herod. So they left for their country by another road.

The Thought

Can you imagine the conversation when these three kings were preparing to return home? One of them would say quietly “I had a strange dream…” and as he recounted his dream the other two would be astounded, and keep saying “well I saw the same thing!” “I heard that too!”

Isn’t God amazing? Only He could make sure they all had the same dream on the same night, and be united in their decision to go home via a different route.

Dreams and visions feature much in the Bible. We have already read that Joseph, husband of Mary had a dream. Another Joseph, years before him had had many dreams which upset his brothers, but all of which came true (Genesis 37 & 41).

Do you have important dreams? Have you had any visions?

I had been a believer since early childhood when, at the age of 56, a series of visions of the Lion of Judah (one of the names for Jesus) completely changed my life. These visions made me work much harder for understanding between different christian denominations. You can read about what I saw and the messages I received in my first book “Transported by the Lion of Judah“.


Pray for the Lord to give you His dreams and visions, and to show you what He wants you to know about the future whether the immediate future or the more distant things to come. If He shows you things, it is so that you can pray and be obedient. Pray for yourself and others who hear from the Lord to be bold in obeying what He is asking.

The Lord has so much more for each of us than we have so far experienced. And each of us has so much more to learn about Him.

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