Christmas – Day 27

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Christmas – Day 27

Genesis 12:3

Through you (Abraham) every family on earth will be blessed.

The Thought

Day 6 of this study looked briefly at the genealogy of Jesus and how Matthew begins, not with Adam but Abraham. God made it clear to Abraham that he would be blessed to be a blessing to others. His family line would be great. How frustrating, and disappointing, it must have been for Abraham to wait till he was very old for his wife Sarai to give birth to her only son, Isaac. I can imagine that many times He asked himself if he had heard correctly.

Much of Abraham’s life is a prophetic picture of something in the future, and we can learn much from studying it.

In Paul’s letter to the Romans chapter 4, we read about Abraham’s righteousness. Paul talks of his staying power at believing what God had promised, even when he was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. Through Isaac’s twelve sons, Abraham eventually became the “Father of many nations”. Just as God had promised.

God had a plan, a longterm plan! God still has a plan! It continues today through us, the children adopted into God’s family because we believe in Jesus.

God’s blessings are not limited. They continue to and through all who believe in His son who died for us all.


Praise the Lord today for God’s plans for mankind, and also for you personally.

As we come near to the end of another year praise Him for the good things you have experienced this year. Praise Him for the good things He has done for those around you. And Praise Him for His plans to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11). Pray that you will miss nothing of what He has prepared for you.

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