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Angels – Day 30

Daniel 9:21

While I was still in prayer, Gabriel the one I had seen in a previous vision came to me in swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice.

The Thought

Daniel is well known for his time spent in the lion’s den (Daniel 6) but much more of his book is about the prayers he prayed and the visions he saw. In this particular vision we hear that God answered his prayer immediately and sent Gabriel to explain things. In the following chapter (Daniel 10:13-14) we see Jesus answering Daniel’s prayer personally, but being opposed by the enemy until Michael, another warring angel, came to help him. There really are battles going on constantly in the unseen world.


Pray for a new revelation of the reality of the unseen spiritual world, ask the Lord to open your eyes and mind to the truth of all that is going on there.

Thank God for His angelic forces offering you protection for yourself and those you pray for.

Read the following summary of all we have discovered about angels during this month.

Be encouraged that they are there for you.


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