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Angels – Day 22

Hebrews 1:7

He makes His angels winds (or spirits) and His servants flames of fire …

The Thought

This is a picturesque verse in the middle of a chapter extolling the power and glory of God and His Son. There are more verses in Hebrews that are taken directly from the Old Testament than any other New Testament book. In this first chapter alone there are seven verses taken directly from the Old Testament. The author of Hebrews is not named. However, some believe it to be Paul, just because of the number of Old Testament references.

The verse today is a direct quote from Psalms 104:4. He makes winds His messengers, (angels), flames of fire His servants.

It is interesting that the Old Testament verse is, in a way, the reverse or opposite of the New Testament verse! It obviously works in both directions. The winds are His messengers, and the messengers (angels) are his winds (or spirits). His servants are flames of fire and flames of fire are his servants!

Two days ago we looked at Daniel 3:28 when we can suppose that God did not allow the “flames of fire” to touch the 3 Israelites, when it had burned the servants of the king.

The Greek angelos is translated angel 169 times out of 176, then 6 times it is messenger and once spies (James 2:25)!

Wind is pneuma (from where we get out word pneumatic),and is used 379 times in the Greek. It is translated spirit 357 times and wind only twice!

Think today what effect winds and fire can have. Both of them have good qualities, but they can also bring disaster.

They bring both blessings and tragedies. Do you think angels do the same?


As one of those who consider themselves servants of The Lord today, ask yourself if you are a “flame of fire” for Him.

What effect has the “Wind of the Spirit” had on your life?

Read the first chapter of Hebrews and be blessed and encouraged by the qualities of God you see there.

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