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Angels – Day 21

Psalm 34:7

The angel of the Lord camps around those who fear Him and He delivers them.

The Thought

Three times, in this psalm we read that The Lord delivers us. Verse 4 He delivers us from fear. In verses 17 & 19 from our troubles.

The psalmist David had many troubles, and many reasons to fear through much of his life. But he never lost his confidence in the God who could save. And God never let him down.

What God did for David, He will do for you and me.

David’s confidence began when he was a very young shepherd caring for his father’s flocks, and being scorned, rejected and neglected by his family (1 Samuel 16:10-13).

Before he became king he was the object of jealousy from Saul the reigning monarch, and once he became king he was pursued by many other rulers, and later in life his own son Absalom turned against him (2 Samuel 13-14).

Having family problems is not necessarily a thing of the past once we become believers!!

There are many mentions in the Bible of “The angel of The Lord”, and it makes me think “How many angels of the Lord are there?” There must be more than one, and it is true, there are millions of them. Every angel is from the Lord, and many of them are sent to protect His people. Maybe “an angel of the Lord” is specified in order to be very clear that we are not talking about angels of satan or “demons”.


Pray today that you will recognise the angelic protection that you have. Thank God for all the times He has protected you in the past, on the many occasions that you will probably never know about.

Pray for angelic protection of yourself and those you care for.

Pray too for the leaders of your country that they would be God fearing servants as David was.

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