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Angels – Day 15

Matthew 4:11

Then the devil left Jesus and angels came and attended Him.

The Thought

Chapter 4 of Matthew’s gospel begins with the account of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. The most striking verse is the first one which tells us that He was led by Holy Spirit into the wilderness so that He would be tempted by the devil!!

Father God was preparing His Son for the spiritual battles He would fight on the earth. All of us who have children want to prepare them for life once they leave the family home, but what happened to Jesus would not be our plans for our children.

Father God, however, knew what was coming. He knew what the devil would be preparing. And He also knew that if Jesus couldn’t withstand the temptations He would not be able to accomplish His purpose on the earth.

The first 10 verses give the details of the temptings. Then verse 11 summarises how Jesus recovered from this ordeal. The angels came to attend to His needs. Angels will do that for us too.

In the second temptation the devil uses God’s word to tempt Jesus, telling Him that all will be well because the angels will protect Him. Jesus’ answer is interesting and worth noting for us in our daily lives. We must not put The Lord our God to the test just as He didn’t. That is a quote from Deuteronomy 6:16 where Moses is reminding the Israelites of some of the musts and must nots of their behaviour as they approach their promised land.


Pray today that neither God nor the devil will tempt you more than you can stand. Pray for a stronger conviction that in these difficult times that we are living in, your Heavenly Father will provide ALL your needs.

Praise Jesus for every new day, that you learn more about Him as you grow in faith. (No matter how long we have been believers there is always much to learn.)

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