The 7 Seals of Revelation – Day 8

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7 Seals – Day 8

Revelation 6:1-2

I watched as the lamb opened the first of the seven seals. I heard one of the four living creatures say with a voice like thunder, “Go!” Then I looked, and there was a white horse, and its rider had a bow. He was given a crown and rode off as a warrior to win battles.

The Thought

The first rider can make us think that all is well. Here is the conquering prince who will save the world. But the last phrase to win battles, makes us hesitate in that thought. Jesus came to earth as a humble servant, and not a conquering king. He had no intention of forcing people to submit to Him as this rider seems to have. He still doesn’t!

Jesus is The Lamb giving permission for all this to happen.

This first rider represents the antichrist prophesied by Daniel and by Paul (Daniel 9:26-27, 1 Thessalonians 5:3). He seems to be the one who ushers in the 7 year tribulation leading up to the second coming of Jesus.

John, who experienced and recorded these revelations, also wrote the gospel and three very short letters. In his first letter he refers to the antichrist as already being in the world! The revelations we are reading today are not necessarily on an earthly time scale. Is it possible that all this happened just after the crucifixion when Jesus, Lamb of God, won the right to open the scroll?


Praise God that whatever happens in our world Father God is in ultimate control.

Pray for discernment to understand today what is really happening in the world, and to recognise the “spirit of antichrist” if you need to. (There are some very strange things happening as I prepare this study at the end of 2020!)

Pray for the news media that does not always give us the whole truth about recent events, but too often speculates about the future.

Pray for revelation and understanding of what you personally need to know.

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