The 7 Seals of Revelation – Day 7

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7 Seals – Day 7

Revelation 5:7-9

He took the scroll … the four living creatures and the 24 leaders bowed in front of him. Each held a harp and a gold bowl full of incense, the prayers of God’s holy people. Then they sang a new song …

The Thought

Most of this book of Revelation seems to lead from one almost unimaginable picture to another!

The four living creatures around the throne are worth a study in themselves. Read their descriptions in Revelation 4:6-8. The same creatures are described in the Old Testament, hundreds of years earlier, at the beginning of Ezekiel’s visions (Ezekiel 1).

How does anyone (especially any animal!) hold a harp, hold a bowl and still be able to bow to the ground?

The elders and the four living creatures understand the amazing achievements of Jesus, the Lamb. Jesus on earth truly was God in the flesh, and He really did accomplish His mission. He does hear our prayers. Every one of them!

We can also see from these verses the idea that there is no time limit, or no rush! And there is always music, there is always time to sing another song and spend time in worship.


Read to the end of this chapter and feel the atmosphere of joy and hear in your mind the worship of Heaven. Notice that they sang a “new song”, and ask yourself what the attitude to new songs is in your own fellowship. Some of us like to be adventurous there, others prefer the “golden oldies” that we are comfortable with! Which group are you in?

Praise God for both! Dare to ask Holy Spirit to give you a new song to sing to Him as you go about your daily tasks today.

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