The 7 Seals of Revelation – Day 29

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7 Seals – Day 29

Revelation 8:3-4

Another angel came with a gold incense burner and stood at the altar. He was given a lot of incense to offer on the gold altar in front of the throne. He offered it with the prayers of all of God’s people. The smoke from the incense went up from the angel’s hand to God along with the prayers of God’s people.

The Thought

Before any of the angels sounded their trumpets there is another part of this Heavenly ceremony which takes place. The prayers, (yours and mine), are put on the altar before God. Can you imagine the scene? Does it encourage you or give you more unanswered questions?

I wonder if the unanswered prayers that all of us have prayed will finally be answered as the world approaches the end of time.

In Ecclesiastes 3 we read much about God’s timing summed up in verse 1 and again in verse 17 of that chapter “There is a time for everything under Heaven” One of the most difficult things for us who live on the earth is to understand God’s timing? It is not the same as in Heaven.

Does it encourage you that every prayer you pray becomes incense before God in Heaven? That is if you are one of those who can be described as “one of God’s people”.


Think today about what it means to be one of “God’s people”. There are many who believe they are in that group, but are not. Read Matthew 7:21-23 for a sobering passage about being confident because of the good things we have done. Will Jesus say to you on that day “I never knew you”! That means spent intimate time with you. The world is full of “do gooders” who do not know Jesus. Pray for those people today to recognise that the good done on the earth stays on the earth.

Pray for the great revival that will sweep through the earth before that last day.

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