The Weather 15

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The Weather – Day 15

Exodus 10:13

So Moses stretched out his staff over Egypt, and the Lord made an east wind blow across the land all that day and all that night. By morning the wind had brought the locusts.

The Thought

In verse 4 of this chapter, Moses and Aaron appear before Pharaoh with a threatening promise from The Lord, warning him of a swarm of locusts which would arrive the following day. We can imagine that those listening to this threat did not want to believe it. Nothing is left once a swarm of insects has passed through.

Reading on in the chapter we discover that this was a bigger swarm then anyone could have imagined. An east wind gathered them up and carried them all the way to Egypt. No further indication is given as to where exactly they originated. No crops devoured along the way that we hear about. Truly a supernatural event. The raising of Moses’ staff in Egypt started the wind, and the wind “gathered” the locusts.

This reminds me of a verse in the New Testament that we will look at later in this study. Even the winds and the waves obey Him (Mark 4:41).

We see the truth of this verse again at the end of the locusts plague!! (Exodus 10:19 “And The Lord changed the wind to a strong west wind, which caught up the locust and carried them into the Red Sea!”).


Read Exodus 10 today and note that at the beginning God had promised what He was going to accomplish. He did these things so that the Israelites would have good stories to tell their children and grandchildren.

Dare to tell someone in the next generation about some of the things God has done for you.

Take notice when there is a windy day, what effect the wind has on people; the clothes they wear, the things they carry, the traffic, etc.

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