The Weather 13

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The Weather – Day 13

2 Kings 3:22

When they got up early in the morning, the sun was shining on the water. To the Moabites across the way, the water looked red – like blood.

The Thought

This is a single chapter story of another battle that didn’t go as planned because the Lord intervened with natural phenomena. We don’t hear much about the Israelite King Joram (or Jehoram). He was a son of Ahab, and was based in Samaria. Verse 2 of this chapter tells us he was not a good king!

The death of King Ahab gave the king of Moab an opportunity to rebel against Israel’s new king Joram, but he underestimated Joram’s reaction and God’s intervention! Joram was joined by Jehoshaphat king of Judah, and also by the King of Edom.

A complication to their plans arrived when they ran out of water. Joram was angry, but Jehoshaphat suggested they find a prophet, because he could not believe God had called the three kings to work together to have them die of thirst!

Interestingly when they eventually got the prophet Elisha to respond to their plight, he asked for a musician to play!

Many people in our day are moved more by Christian music, than by sermons or prayer, and Elisha heard the Spirit of God say what would happen. Miraculous provision of water, but much more. The water given for the horses proved to be a deception for the enemy!


Read 2 Kings 3 today and see how the Lord dealt with the enemy, using his provision of water and letting the sun do what it does best. Shine!!

As you read, see the power of the evil one at work. The king of Moab, having lost the battle sacrificed his son! That gained him nothing!

Praise God that He rules over sun and moon and that He gave His Son for our sakes, the most important sacrifice ever.

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