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Surprises – Day 6

Genesis 3:7

The eyes of both of them were opened and they realised they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

The Thought

This is the first bad surprise in the Bible. I am sure there were many good surprises, and a lot of fun as Adam and Eve lived in God’s garden and discovered everything He had created. No bad surprises because everything God made was GOOD (Genesis 1:31)!

There were no weeds, thistles or poisonous plants in Eden. Gardening was a pleasure!

Adam and Eve had a good relationship with all the animals until one day, when Eve was alone. Satan in the form of a serpent appeared with a very bad surprise.

God had invited Adam to eat of any fruit in the garden except this one. Eating it would have drastic results (Genesis 2:15-17)! Maybe Eve could have the excuse that God didn’t tell her that! She wasn’t even created at that point in time, but Adam was responsible and should have prevented the disastrous consequences which followed.

The minute this first earthly couple tasted the fruit, they knew they had done wrong! This was a very bad surprise with long lasting results for all humanity that followed!

I am surprised that they didn’t call on Father God with whom they walked and talked in the garden (Genesis 2:19-20). But like many disobedient children that have followed them through the ages, they tried to cover up their wrongdoing and hide their guilt!


Read Genesis 3 today and think about this original sin (self-centredness and disobedience), and the consequences which have continued through every generation.

Imagine Adam and Eve sewing! How did they do that? We suppose that needles and thread had not yet been invented!

Praise God for everything He has encouraged man to create since that time.

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