Renewing the Mind – 18

This post is Day 18 in a series of studies about “Renewing the Mind”. I strongly suggest you begin with the introduction to this study, please click here to read it.

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Renewing the Mind – Day 18

Ephesians 4:23

… to be made new in the attitude of your minds;

The Thought

Just a reminder that the subject we are looking at this month is the renewing of our minds. It was Paul’s message to the Romans, and to the Ephesians, and it is the Lord’s message to us. Paul was one of those who had had a complete change of direction in his thinking, so he is talking from experience. He had been one who murdered Christians, in the name of His God. He had been a proud supporter of the scriptures as He believed them to be interpreted. Once He met Jesus face to face, everything changed.

But this message is not just for those who are what we might call “real sinners”. It is for those of us who have been church-goers for a long time, or just a few weeks, or never, but consider ourselves Christians. None of us is perfect so we all need to change. The verse here talks of changing our attitudes of mind, or mindsets as we would say in modern day jargon.

Ask yourself during the day today if you have a mindset about others you work with, those you live with, the beggar you see on the street. What about people who do the “dirty jobs”, and at the other end of the scale, the directors and managers?

Do you have an “attitude” to those who are not like you?

Do you find it easy to mix with others, especially those who are from a different sort of world to you?


Ask the Lord to show you if you have an “attitude” to anything. Pray for a right understanding of what God wants to say to you today.

Praise Jesus for what He did in the life of Paul, and for what He can do in the lives of those you pray for.

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