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Remembering – Day 12

Psalm 44:24

Why do you hide your face and forget our misery and oppression?

The Thought

Who is there amongst us that has not felt this sentiment from time to time. Whenever we have problems we tend to think that God has turned His back on us. It is encouraging to read that the psalmist felt the same occasionally! The whole psalm covers many different emotions; pleasure at remembering the past (v1-3), confidence that God is still powerful: (v4-8), rejection and frustration, bordering on anger mixed with disappointment (v9-12).

Then David turns to accusing God, we can almost see his finger being pointed at the sky, at the unseen culprit (v13-14)! The following verses speaks of David’s embarrassment because he has trusted in the God that is now letting him down, or so it seems (v15-16). The very frustrated David, then claims the innocence of his people, and puts more blame on The Lord (v17-19). This is closely followed by desperation because of unanswered prayer (v20-22), and a plea for God to awaken and come out of hiding (v23-24).

The closing verses describe the desperate situation of God’s people, followed by a plea for The Sovereign Lord to do something, anything He can, to help His people (v25-26).

That plea is worth thinking about; the closing words are because of your unfailing love (v26). The psalmist does not claim that he deserves anything from God, but he is relying on the God who loves him no matter how much he strays from His purposes.


Read Psalm 44 slowly several times during your day today and watch for what God is doing in your life. Remember that David had a difficult start in life, the youngest child in a large family, ignored by his brothers and his father, but seen by God who had an amazing plan for him (1 Samuel 16:11).

Thank God today that He has a plan for your life too.

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