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Psalm 23 – Day 5

Psalm 23:2

He leads me beside quiet waters.

The Thought

Sheep drink from streams and pools. Imagine for a moment a sheep standing in a river to drink. His wooly coat will get very wet, and when wool gets wet it becomes very heavy. When a sheep’s coat gets heavy it is difficult for the sheep to move and climb out of the water. A young or a weak sheep can easily get swept down stream. They need their shepherd to find “quiet waters” for them.

Think about the spiritual picture there. Are there times when you have needed rescuing from being “swept downstream” by something too strong for you? Something all your friends were doing that you didn’t want to be a part of, but the “flow” of the others was too strong for you. At times like that we need to remember that Jesus is there to rescue us.

When Jesus and His disciples experienced a storm on the Sea of Galilee the disciples were afraid but as soon as they had wakened Jesus He calmed the storm, amazing them that “even the wind and waves obey Him!” (Matthew 8:24-27). He will still the storms in our lives too.


Think about some of your life so far and praise God for the times when He has guided you through a storm and led you to “still waters”.

Read Mark 4:35-41 for another version of the “stilling the storm” story, and note the question the disciples ask Jesus. “Don’t you care if we drown?” They had not understood yet that He had come to save the world, and would certainly not let them drown!!

Ask yourself today if you understand in your heart of hearts that Jesus has come to save you and will see you through the storms of life. Praise Him for that.

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