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Psalm 23 – Day 4

Psalm 23:2

He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters.

The Thought

This sentence creates a picture of peace.

If you have ever seen sheep lying down in a field you will understand what I mean. Most of the time sheep are nibbling the grass, if they are not it means that they are have eaten plenty. If they are sitting or lying down then they really are satisfied.

It also means that they have no fear, they are not worried about an enemy, they are not worried about being left behind, or being alone. They are trusting their shepherd to lead them on when necessary and even if they can’t see him because the field is very big, they are confident that he will be there when needed.

In ancient Israel a field of green grass was not always available and the shepherd often had to keep his flock moving to look for more food round the next hill. The shepherds in those days spent day and night with their sheep.

So it is with Jesus, our Good Shepherd, He leads us away from the problems, He leads us to the place where we get good spiritual food, and He is always there when we need Him.


Ask yourself today if you have a good earthly shepherd who feeds you the food your soul and spirit needs. That’s the role of pastors and priests. They need our prayers so that they can be constantly hearing from the Lord and feeding their flock the right spiritual food.

Praise God for those who feed you spiritually.

Praise Him too for the internet and all that is available there for spiritual food. Pray that God will lead you to the right food that you are needing at the moment.

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