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Jude – Day 16

Numbers 16:4

When Moses heard this, he fell face down.

The Thought

A rebellious spirit was rising up throughout the camp. Moses had to move quickly.

His reaction to Korah and his followers was to immediately turn to The Lord. He did that in front of whoever was watching. The reason he fell to his knees right there and then was not because he wanted the rebels to see how “holy” he was. It was a quick natural reaction from one who was used to hearing from the Lord for the solution to every problem. Moses didn’t respond from his own feelings, but he needed to know what The Lord wanted him to do. A lesson for all of us.

Numbers 16 tells us the full story of Korah’s rebellion followed by another in the camp as a second rebellion started after Korah and his supporters were dramatically destroyed.

God dealt with both rebellions quickly, letting everyone know that Moses was the leader and Aaron was the High Priest He had chosen. Their positions were not be taken or changed by the whim of the people.

The real problem was frustration for the whole Israelite nation who had left Egypt heading for their Promised Land. That new country was not appearing as quickly as they had thought or had hoped. Things were not going as the people had expected.

All of us get frustrated when the political leaders of our nations do not do what we want. As I prepare this study in July 2022 there is much frustration in several countries of the world. It is difficult to imagine that God wants it the way it is. We must seek Him for the solutions.


Praise God today that He knows the political situation in your country, and He will have the last word, if we pray.

Read Numbers 16 and be amazed at the dramatic way God dealt with the rebellious ones.

Pray for your national and international leaders.

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