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Jude – Day 10

Jude 8

In the very same way, on the strength of their dreams these ungodly people pollute their own bodies, reject authority and heap abuse on celestial beings.

The Thought

The “ungodly people”in this verse is a reference to the previous verse talking about those who are planted by the enemy in churches today to be a distraction from the true faith. Many churches have members who are not “fully committed” to Jesus. Some are genuine seekers, looking for the Truth. But others are from the enemy’s camp planted by him to disrupt the progress of Christianity. (Maybe they know it, maybe they don’t!)

These people can fool many with their pretences at being spirit-filled Christians. They have learned the language, and will say the “right things” using words that sound spiritual, but do not come from a heart that is committed to the Lord.

The sad thing is that often these people do not know that they are deceived. They honestly believe the Lord has spoken to them, often through dreams.

Today’s verse warns us that dreams are not sufficient as a word from the Lord. We must ask Him for confirmation from another source, or we must pray with others for confirmation and understanding.

There are many Biblical references to dreams given by God, and He is still speaking through dreams today. He never changes! Our reaction to any dreams must be patience, prayer for understanding, and a reliable Christian friend or partner to share them with.


Pray for dreams from The Lord for yourself, the Christians you spend time with, and for others in your church group. Pray for wisdom and understanding of what God is trying to tell you as you all move forward with Him.

Thank Father God for the variety of ways in which He speaks to us, think about how He speaks to you personally.

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