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James – Day 13

James 3:1

Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.

The Thought

Did you know that the Bible gives advice on careers?!

It is a huge responsibility to be a teacher. Not just a teacher in a church or a Sunday school, but any kind of teacher. (I have been a teacher, and we have teachers in our family!)

A teacher who passes on to others their enthusiasm or their disdain for a subject can have a life-long effect on their students.

Most of us found it easier at school to do well in the subjects where the teacher seemed more “human”, as though they had a real life outside their work. If we had a good relationship with the teachers who enjoyed their work and could get that across to their listeners, we were much more likely to catch their enthusiasm, do the work they suggested, and get good results.

A miserable teacher who couldn’t build a relationship with the class resulted in many of the students being rejected because of their attitudes.

It is the same in Christianity. The responsibilities of the teacher are multiplied many times when we think about being introduced to Christ, or learning His ways. Many have left the church because of bad teachings, or boring sermons.

Sadly, many teachers spend their lives discussing theology and never meet the risen Christ.


Praise God for the good teachers you have had, and for those today working for His kingdom.

Pray for teachers in the church to be inspired by Jesus and to teach His Truth. Pray for Christian teachers in every area of education and for those who are not yet Christians to have their eyes opened to recognize the God who loves them.

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