Haggai 2

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Haggai – Day 2

Haggai 1:1-2

In the second year of King Darius, on the first day of the sixth month, the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai to Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, governor of Judah, and to Joshua son of Jozadak, the high priest.

“This is what the Lord Almighty says: “These people say, ‘The time has not yet come to rebuild the Lord’s house’.””

The Thought

The Bible is often very specific about the timing of prophecy. That helps those who are interested in the history to easily check out who said what and when. The date of Haggai’s prophecy is very specific: In the second year of King Darius, (520BC).

The thing that strikes me in these two verses is not the timing, so much as the fact that God was listening and hearing! A good thing for us all to remember!

He overhears all our conversations, both nice and not nice! According to Hebrews 4:12 He knows, and judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart! He is listening in to all we say, even to all we think! Both good and not so good!

At the time in history when the people of Israel had settled in their own land after being exiled in Babylon, they had reclaimed their own spaces and rebuilt their homes, they were tired of building, and had forgotten that God needed a “home” too. I expect they remembered from time to time, but thought that the next generation would do that.


As you go through your day today try to be conscious of your inner thoughts. Stop for a few seconds from time to time and reflect on just what you are thinking; about others you live or work with; about others you see in the distance; about those you see on the news, the politicians, the world leaders…

Pray for The Lord’s inspiration as you turn your thoughts into prayers.

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