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Habakkuk – Day 7

Habakkuk 1:14-15

You have made people like the fish in the sea, like the sea creatures that have no ruler. The wicked foe pulls all of them up with hooks, he catches them in his net, he gathers them up in his dragnet; and so he rejoices and is glad.

The Thought

These verses make me think that Habakkuk was having a bad day, and blaming God for everything! If we are honest, many of us must admit to having had days like that!

What the prophet says about the devil, the wicked foe, is true. He does catch people and he thinks he has won. But, the problem is not God’s problem, it is the people’s problem!

God gave us authority over the enemy, and we have not used it.

God told His church to live in victory, and we have given in to defeat. The early church was a group of men and women who went into all the world and preached the gospel. But since those times, the church has become an institution with rules and regulations! What happened to its power? What has happened to discipleship? And what happened to miracles?

We can identify with the prophet in his complaint, but it isn’t God’s fault. It is ours because we have believed the lie that being a christian today means reading the Bible, saying prayers, and going to church!! Hundreds of years ago satan pulled up christians with hooks and caught them in his net and the lie has continued!

But thankfully today, the church is waking from its slumber, and beginning to do once more what Jesus told us to.


Pray today for your christian friends to obey God’s commands, and not give in to any take-over by enemy activity.

Pray for the world, so much of which is in satan’s hand, to be liberated from bondage and freed to obey the will of God.

Praise God for those churches which are really Holy Spirit led.

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