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Habakkuk – Day 5

Habakkuk 1:11

Then they sweep past like the wind and go on — guilty people, whose own strength is their god.

The Thought

The Lord here is describing the enemy who is about to come against His people.

But how many people today does this sentence describe?

It reminds me of the people who believe they can do anything, because of their physical strength, or their position in society, because of their family name, or their bank balance.

Many famous names feature in the news for a time, and then just disappear from public eye!

These people have not learned that we have an all-seeing, all-knowing all-powerful God.

Genesis 16 tells us the story of Hagar the mother of Ishmael, Abraham’s first child. In verse 16, she refers to “The God who sees me”; El Roi in Hebrew.

In that story we discover that sometimes we have to continue on the road through difficulties in order to understand what The Lord wants to do with us in the future. Whatever you might be going through at the moment, be assured that God sees you.

He is also the All Knowing God. Whatever anyone on earth has done, good or bad, He knows it! As we get irritated with people in the news, or those escaping justice, or those deliberately doing evil, it is good to remember that God sees, and God hears.

The name Samuel means “God has heard” in Hebrew. In 1 Samuel 1 we can read the story of Hannah’s desperate cries to the Lord for a son.


Read either Genesis 16 and/or 1 Samuel 1 today and remind yourself that God sees your situation, and He hears your prayers, and He will answer in His time.

Be assured too that He sees and hears all the evil in the world, and he will have the last word. Rejoice that judgement is His (Romans 2:6).

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