Gideon 30

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Gideon – 30

Judges 8:23

Gideon replied, “I will not rule you nor will my son. The Lord will rule you.”

The Thought

It took quite a while to really get rid of all the Midianites. But when finally all was over, the people naturally wanted to make Gideon their king. He refused, saying that they didn’t need an earthly king. Up to this time God had been the only king the Israelites had experienced, and it should stay that way.

Men and women always want to honour great leaders and make heroes and heroines of them. Even people of God are often honoured by the world. But many people find it difficult to give the glory to the Lord, and not to the instrument He uses to do great things.

This sentiment went on for many generations of Israelites. Eventually God relented and gave them Saul as King (1 Samuel 9).

The church too, is guilty of glorifying certain people and not always letting their stories lead us to Jesus. He is our only King.

Every time an earthly person does something great (in God’s eyes, not necessarily in ours), it is because God is working through him or her whether that person knows it or not. God still has good plans for this world. Yes in the near future the earth will be destroyed. But until then we continue to fight the spiritual battles the Lord leads us into.


Pray for the Lord to get the glory in every situation that you or your church are involved in at the moment. Pray for humble leaders for churches and nations throughout the whole world.

Praise God that He will get all the glory in the end. Praise Him for the godly leaders you know.

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