Gideon 29

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Gideon – 29

Judges 8:1

The men from Ephraim strongly protested Gideon’s actions. They said, “Why did you do this to us? You didn’t invite us to go fight Midian with you.”

The Thought

In the closing verses of Judges 7 we read that Gideon called for his distant relatives living in that area to join in with completely subduing the enemy, once they were fleeing. The result was a huge success.

How sad it is that when we overcome a problem or have a great victory others don’t rejoice with us. Often, they get jealous at not being included from the beginning. Here it was Ephraim, the brother tribe to Gideon’s tribe of Manasseh, that grumbled, even though they were part of the victory.

It is often those who are close to us and should rejoice with us who criticise when we experience success.

But Gideon was learning diplomacy and handled the situation well, putting himself down in order to encourage others.

For centuries different church groups have argued, divided and criticised each other. There have been differing opinions, different ways of worshipping, jealousy, different customs, and different translations of what God is saying.


Ask yourself if you are guilty of criticism or jealousy like the Ephraimites. They should have been rejoicing and congratulating Gideon and his troops for their victory.

Pray that you will have wisdom to know who you should invite to pray with you. Who should fight your spiritual battles with you.

Pray for those who criticise you, or are jealous of your achievements and ask the Lord to help you deal with difficult situations diplomatically. Ask Him to help you be one who encourages and not one who complains and criticises.

Praise the Lord for His gifts of diplomacy, bringing peace and unity into every situation.

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