Gideon – 16

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Gideon – 16

Judges 6:35

He (Gideon) also sent messengers throughout Manasseh to summon the people to follow him. The tribes of Asher, Zebulun, and Naphtali were also summoned to follow him, and they went to meet the enemy in battle.

The Thought

Gideon got excited by the response of his own family and then got carried away. He summoned the rest of his own tribe and all the neighbouring northern tribes, ending up with an army of 32,000 men! (Judges 7:3)

God had to intervene. He sent home those He didn’t want, or those who were not called to this particular battle. How often do we receive a favourable response to prayer, and then rush off into our own ideas?

Very few of us reading this today will have to call men to arms and fight a physical battle. But as believers we have a constant battle against the enemy, satan. Many times we will need help from other “warriors in the Spirit” to help us get through the battle to a point of victory. It is very important when in that position to ask the Lord who should fight with us. Often it is sufficient to find just 2-3 praying people who understand the battle and will work together well.

Choose people you can trust, people of prayer, people you know who hear the Lord. People who will follow the Lord’s instructions to the letter and to the end, without adding their own ideas.


Pray that you will hear, understand and obey the Lord in exactly what He is calling you to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Pray the same for the leaders around you.

Praise Him that in His mercy, He allows us to go off on our own track, and that He can, and does put right our mistakes.

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