Gideon – 15

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Gideon – 15

Judges 6:34

Then the Lord’s Spirit gave Gideon strength. So Gideon blew the ram’s horn.

The Thought

The next time the Midianites came to raid the crops of the Israelites, they brought other tribes with them (v33). A formidable invading army. But God had prepared His servant. Gideon blew his trumpet and sent messengers through the land so that other tribes came to his aid.

They were just waiting for the right leader.

Once Gideon had shown whose side he was on by destroying the family idols, then the Spirit of the the Lord came on him in power. Suddenly the boy who thought of himself as poor and the smallest of the small, and who hid away in the winepress to avoid the enemy, did something totally out of character.

When people are affected by the Holy Spirit, they can do the strangest things. This can lead to strange happenings in church gatherings. But God is looking for a people who will be yielded to Him. A people willing to let Him use them to sound the battle cry.

Satan is still out to keep God’s people afraid, conforming to “the norm”, and in hiding. In many countries of the world christians are sought out, banished, imprisoned or killed. God is looking out today for those who will stand against the enemy.


Pray that God will break down any resistance and use you for His purposes, even if that means doing things out of character. Pray that you can be strong enough to let the Lord handle your embarrassment.

Earnestly pray for Gideons to be raised up in your fellowship and in your town, region and country.

Praise the Lord that He is Lord of all circumstances, and thank Him for those He is raising up as His warriors.

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